Fishing Lure Retaining Case

February 24, 2014 § Leave a Comment

Sometimes when you are a fisherman, it is common to take out your bucket of fishing lures to find them all tangled up.

A client in Florida seeks to solve this problem with a new way to store fishing lure and lines. He brought me on board to help take his idea through from conceptualization to commercialization.

The project began at the ideation phase: communicating specifications, concept drawings, features, manufacturability. Three months later, we ended up with an injection molded plastic retaining case, neatly packaged in blister cards, produced at less than a buck. This product is now sold in fishing equipment stores all over North America.

I present the Rigrap:



Rigrap in use:


Rigrap packaged neatly in blister cards and a display stand:

Display Hand Taking Prooduct Image


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