Learning ARM Cortex M4 – TM4C123G

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Embedded Systems Shape the World Lab 5

Embedded Systems Shape the World – Lab 5 – Traffic & Pedestrian Lights

I found an excellent course teaching an introduction to embedded systems. It is called Embedded Systems – Shape the World and the course uses the ARM TM4C123G microcontroller for their labs. I came late to the party, as the course has already ended, and I couldn’t wait until it restarted in January 2016, so I decided the dig up old lectures, and labs, and just started doing them on my own.

I came across this course while I was interested in expanding my knowledge in embedded systems into something beyond a hobby. After building a self-balancing robot on an arduino platform, I quickly realized that arduinos are pretty limited in performance, flexibility, and is expensive compared to alternative microcontrollers. A quick comparison between the ARM TM4C123G vs the arduino Uno will reveal that the TM4C123G out performs the arduino in many aspects, and guess what. What the article doesn’t tell you is that the TM4C123G is way cheaper too!

In the version I’m taking, EE319K, I’m glad the first 4 labs had to be done in assembly language. It really helped me understand what was really going on when C code was executed.

I just completed lab 5, building a Finite State Machine in C to emulate traffic and pedestrian lights. Check this out:

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